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Digital Asset Funds

Our digital asset funds invest directly into the native assets that underpin smart contract platforms and blockchain protocols. We believe that the speed of adoption will vary geographically and we look for teams with a clear path to adoption. We leverage our global relationships to help our portfolio companies bridge the East-West divide.

Titan Fund

The Titan Fund is in the process of being set up and will invest into blockchain equity opportunities. It will look for both crypto-related projects, that are directly tied to digital asset markets, and enterprise solutions, that are not dependent on the success of assets like Bitcoin. The Titan fund will invest primarily at seed and series A stage.

Liberty Bitcoin Fund

The Liberty Bitcoin Fund is a passive tracker of Bitcoin (BTC). The fund provides accredited investors with institutional level access to Bitcoin without the burden of buying and safekeeping coins. All Bitcoin held by the fund is kept with a Hong Kong listed Custodian and is covered by insurance. The Liberty Bitcoin Fund offers weekly liquidity.

Liberty Bitcoin Fund launched
Secure, efficient, institutional access to Bitcoin
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