CMCC Global is a leading investor in the blockchain ecosystem, now with offices in North America and Asia.

Our Story & Team

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Our origins

CMCC Global was founded in 2016 and is one of Asia’s first venture capital companies focused solely on blockchain investments.

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Today we offer three different investment products and have offices in Asia and North America. Our team has a mixture of deep technical and business experience.

At CMCC Global we believe that blockchain technology is bringing about the next era of the Internet, which will facilitate the movement of value rather than just data and information. We believe that value will accrue in different areas of the blockchain ecosystem and we offer investors exposure to different aspects of this frontier technology.

Being a global company, we are conscious of the regional disparities in blockchain platforms and believe that the speed of adoption will vary geographically. We look for teams with a clear path to adoption and we leverage global relationships to help our portfolio companies bridge the East-West divide.


Different investment products, accessible to professional investors only.

Our roadmap

CMCC Global Hong Kong founded
Launch of Digital Asset Fund 1
USD raised
Investment in Ethereum
USD value
Investment in Cosmos
USD value
Launch of Digital Asset Fund 2
USD raised
Investment in Solana
USD value
North America office opens in Toronto
Launch of Digital Asset Fund 3
USD raised
CMCC Global becomes a regulated mutual fund; under the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Launch of Liberty Bitcoin Fund, providing accredited investors a regulated and safe way to hold Bitcoin
Capital Increase on GP level with 20 strategic GP shareholders joining. Amongst them are some of the most influential and reputable people in crypto, business and finance.
strategic GP shareholders
Launch of Digital Asset Fund 4
USD raised
CMCC Global breaches USD500m AUM
European headquarters opens in Berlin
Willy Woo and CMCC Global launch Crest Fund, a quantitative fund of funds
CMCC Global’s subsidiary Fintech Investment Group Ltd. receives SFC Type 4 and Type 9 asset management licenses
Shiau Sin Yen and CMCC Global launch Titan Fund, a traditional equity VC fund
Willy Woo and CMCC Global partner with Syz Group and launch SyzCrest, the first bank-backed crypto hedge fund
Launch of Titan Fund
USD raised
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Hong Kong

The team

A fast-growing group of technology and finance professionals in Hong Kong and Toronto.

Our leadership

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Martin Baumann

Previously, CFO at Nova Founders Capital, a global fintech investment firm and M&A banker in Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Served on multiple boards of leading Fintech companies such as Hyphen Group, Coru Mexico and others. Business Administration and Finance masters diploma from Technical University Berlin.

Martin Baumann
Co-founder and Managing Partner

Charlie Morris

Previously CIO at a blockchain VC firm as well as Management Consultant in London. Software Engineer in Hong Kong, expert Blockchain Adviser for Chinese investment company, CLSA. Ethereum ICO investor in 2014. PPE degree from Oxford University.

Charlie Morris
Chief Operating Officer

Andrea Sorani

After 9 years at Morgan Stanley where Andrea was VP of Equity and OTC Derivatives Middle Office, Andrea spent 17 years as COO at several high-profile hedge funds in Singapore and Hong Kong. In his last role, he accompanied a hedge fund on the journey from its early stages at USD40m AUM to surpassing the billion USD assets under management mark. Andrea speaks English, Italian, Japanese and French.

Andrea Sorani
Chief Financial Officer

Glenn Stewart

Glenn started his career at Morgan Stanley in Australia where he worked in equity capital markets. Remaining with Morgan Stanley, Glenn moved to Hong Kong in 2012 where he became a Vice President focused on structuring bespoke equity products for private equity clients. From there, he joined a blockchain startup that was offering environmental financial products to institutional clients. Most recently, Glenn was an executive director at Goldman Sachs working in the investment banking division.

Glenn Stewart
Co-founder and Managing Partner of Crest Fund

Willy Woo

Willy was an early investor in Bitcoin since 2013 and has been labelled one of the most influential people in crypto by Fortune Magazine and a top 5 crypto analyst by CoinDesk. Willy is a serial entrepreneur with 21 years of experience in the emerging technology sector. His first venture, SnapperMail, put mobile email onto the first generation of smartphones and won majority marketshare and a rare rave review by Wall Street Journal’s tech guru, Walt Mossberg. His most recent business, “The Bitcoin Forecast”, is the industry’s most successful paid market intelligence letter.

He is founding father of on-chain analysis, a new field unique to digital assets, which can predict price movements by reading investor behaviour as seen on digital asset blockchains. Willy has wide recognition in the industry for his insights into the crypto market. 1 million crypto investors follow his voice on Twitter.

Willy Woo
Co-founder and Managing Partner of Titan Fund

Shiau Sin Yen

In the past years, Yen gained significant deal execution experience as Head of Strategic Investments at, one of the largest and best capitalised blockchain firms globally. Prior to that Yen was co-founder and CIO of a Tech VC fund run within Chinese investment group CLSA. He kicked off his career as an M&A investment banker with UBS in New York and Hong Kong. Yen holds an MBA from Cornell University.

Shiau Sin Yen
Head of Institutional Sales

Ronald Poon

Prior to joining CMCC Global, Ronald was Executive Director and SFC licensed RO at a Hong Kong based investment manager. He kicked off his career as a financial consultant and institutional sales at Charles Schwab’s Hong Kong office. Ronald holds a Master of Science dual degree from HKUST and NYU Stern School of Business. He also holds a financial engineering and management degree from Stanford University.

Ronald Poon

Our people

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